Victoria Zahul


Victoria Zahul

I am Victoria Zahul…soon to be Eisenmenger, my love for animals, especially dogs, started early. My family had multiple dogs throughout my childhood. My first dog as an adult, was a boxer named Maggie. Maggie stole my heart and made me fall in love with the breed. Thanks to Maggie, my fiancé Shaun is now an avid boxer lover. Sadly, we lost Maggie in 2020, and that is what lead us to start volunteering for Boxer Haven Rescue. We now have two resident boxers. Rufio, who we refer to as our favorite failure, because he was our first foster dog, and we never let him leave. Then, there is our baby girl, Kaia. Definitely our little princess. A little background on me, I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University and I am a certified dog trainer. I am a senior sales manager in the automotive industry, and I help dog owners enhance their bond with their pups through obedience training. I am so excited to have found a way to use my background and skill set to work with an amazing group of volunteers on a mission to save as many boxers as we can! My passion for dogs runs deep, I am excited and proud to be the co-director, with my best friend Corinne Folk, of Boxer Haven Rescue!


*Photo Credit: Amanda Lalama

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